3 Best Ways To Warm Up For Choir Singing

You must admit there is a certain electricity in the air when choir performs, a sudden boost in your mental energy and you want to get involved by getting up and praising the Lord.

We know for a fact that not a lot of you have actually been up on the alter and performed. But that doesnt mean you cant participate from where you’re sitting. Now, I dont necessarily mean just in the chruch but rather sing for yourself in the comfort of you home, car or even your office.

Here Are Our 3 Tips On Getting You Warmed Up Before A Choir

  1. Breathing Exercises: Breathe deeply from your lower lungs (from your diaphram), try to push the diaphram outwards. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose and mouth. Avoid raising your shoulders as you breathe. The main key here to relax and dont focus too much on tensing your body.
  2. Spell out the alphabets: Slowly and deeply spell out the alphabets in a rythm and harmony. Once this is done try numbers from 1- 10.
  3. Drink some hot water: Try drinking some hot water to relax you throat. Please dont drink or eat heavy sugar or carbonated dinks as they tend to dehydrate you and cause muscle stiffness.

There you go, sing away and enjoy! If you need more tips on this matter check out here Vocal Warm Ups.